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Having troubles in the work place?

Imagine a world where every worker is treated fairly and everyone in the work place could get along. What a great life! Not to mention a generic thought that is blown out of proportion on television, radio, and writing. This is harmful since work is not always in an ideal environment and not everyone is familiar with healthy work experiences.

First, let’s get one fact straight about the work place so that we are on the same level. Work isn’t always fair and work sites do not retain the right of being easy or fun. You can have coworkers that are nice and funny, mean and back stabbing, and all around. The same principal applies to bosses and managers. Work sites are dynamic, and are open to all types of change.

Furthermore, not everyone is out to be your friend. Having friends is great; living on the solo feeling of being everyone’s friend is not a recommend strategy. If you can’t befriend everyone – that means you stand up for something you believe in, and support. You do not accept everyone’s terms of “perfection” and by not doing so, you become more independent and free thinking. When you have worked in the work force for any amount of time, you get a feel for what types of situations you have to be ready for. I will list just a few below.

1) People that control the team. This group of people is known for their power grasp. They limit free thinking, and opportunity potential. When creative solutions pop up, they ignore them and dictate their “knowledge.” Often this group of people that won’t make it very far in the real world and will be in the low money making industry. In their conquest for power, they bring everyone else down and do not earn respect of higher ups.

2) People that discount others. Much like team controllers, they want to be the person that completes the entire job themselves and often criticizes other people for small mistakes or invisible mistakes. They will often tell you how you are wrong and go on to teach you the “best method” for getting things done.

3) People that are susceptible to being angry. They get mad at anything, even if it is not a big deal. They will often play the blame game, and attempt to place you on the bad side hoping that they will get you to do a favor for them or help them out more than you feel inclined.

Being a great worker is never bad.

It is no secret that the most bothered by change, are people scared to speak up, people that lack confidence. Take me for example. When I first started working, I found it really hard to speak up against issues, such as animal abuse. I know animal abuse is wrong, since I study animal behavior and plan on getting a degree in the animal field. I was just under the impression that people whom are older have more power, and people that I do not know have the ability to not listen to what I say.

Day by day I allowed people in my life control me. I let people cuss at animals and I also allowed people to say bad things about them. When I found out that I was a better person for not doing such things, I started to speak up for the ethics I believed in. I realized that sometimes the most hated person is the best worker, yet the best worker is never bad. The best worker is the person that dispels trouble and makes sure the work is always done.

Don’t step down, step up!

When I decided to step up, I still had a lot of confidence issues. I was scared to admit mistakes at first until I found out that mistakes were human in nature. I also relied upon myself to get every task done until I realized the power of teamwork by other coworkers. Work teaches us the skills we need to function effectively. Below is a list of things you should remember.

  • No one has the right to claim your opinion as dumb. No opinion is less valuable than the next. Any idea that helps boost morale and falls in line with the mission goal is helpful. You cannot please everyone in the world. Serve yourself first.
  • No individual has more power than you in terms of thinking capacity and the ability to work hard. People might be richer and more successful – that does however not mean that they work harder or that they are smarter than you.
  • Just because work is not the most pleasant life experience, work does not have to be the dreaded time that it used to be. Speak up, and take the high road. Do not let other people control your life, your happiness, and your future.

It is your time to Shine!

When you make your case, do not be rude or bashful. Speaking up is hard when you first begin, and it is easy to speak in a tone that comes off as angry. In time you will learn to train your tone. When two people are angry, problems are encountered on a much higher level. Be the person that takes the calm and open to suggestion approach. Solution oriented is the position that we want to obtain.

Do not be afraid to ask your boss anything. If your boss or manager is a good and laid back person, or even a half good boss, he will be out to help you. He will not bite you. Always ask questions. Be a go getter, search for opportunity. Do not wait for anything to come to you, chase after it. Never doubt your own thoughts, opinions, and goals even if people seem to doubt them.

Everyone needs to be well prepared for all kinds of work situations. Dealing with work is never easy and in the work place, stress can be escalated by rude coworkers and unfair situations. Always look toward the positive!