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Learning the Ropes of Animal Care

This month I have had the privlege of giving every cat that is adopted at
my animal shelter their booster shots. It is something that I have been
looking forward for quite some time. The first few shots I ever
administered to a cat were below average. I got one shot in, and the
other one I missed. I think I somewhat made the cat nervous as the cat
was meowing at me.The boss had to hold the cat because I was shaky
with a needle. No one wants to be stabbed by a needle – trust me! The
first challenge I had was several weeks back, when I had to give a cat
corid for Toxicity. I stabbed myself pretty bad before I succeeded in
drawing out the medication.

Jump ahead one week later, and I was given another chance to give a
shot. We had adopted a cat and my boss told me to get the shots for the
cat and give the cat his shots. I was shocked that I was trusted with such
a role. I sucked up the FVRCP into the syringe as I have done several
times, placed the cap on the syringe and placed it on the table. I then
grabbed the cat and placed him on the table. I pulled up on the skin near
the shoulders and administered the shot very quick, without pain and
distress from the cat. I was shocked that I got the shot in on the first
stick!The cat was even squirming and I got it in! I then gave the cat the
bordatella shot with ease.

Here I was a few weeks ago, procastinating that I would never learn how
to give shots. Now I am giving shots left and right, and with perfection. Do
not think that because something seems hard, that it is impossible to
learn. This is how my learning to trim cat claws, trim cat hair and reduce
mats went. I was terribly overwhelmed, but that did not stop me from
trying once, twice and three times. Learning to do anything takes
practice, and in my case, practice did make perfect. I think the same will
go for you where you work. Good luck on your endeavors as well!


Just Slow Down

Today I learned one valuable lesson that aids in my learning to talk to people. When I would talk to people they would often ask me what I was talking about, I would stutter and speak too fast, and I would end up making an excuse to leave. This all was a direct cause of me talking too fast. When you speak too quick you will stutter and end up making less of a point then you set out to make in the first place. If you learn to talk slow, even if you start out very slow, you will end up leaving more of an impression.

Take into account my situation at the humane society this week. I have been trying to educate people about spay/neuter, upper respiratory infections, and cat behavior. For a while it seemed like that my educating was doing no good because they would often forget what I said or remember what I said but in a bad way. This week I decided to think a minute before replying or saying something and question if it has meaning and if it would make sense. I didn’t go into advanced thinking or planning of the conversation, I just mapped out the first few words and the rest followed though.

I was successful in educating about feline declawing, upper respiratory infections such as herpes virus, and spay/neuter operations and how they make an impact in saving animal lives. All I did was slow down and really think about three things

  1. What does this conversation need to do and who does it need to benefit?
  2. Do I need to include jargon or does the person just need to know the basics?
  3. Where do I need to begin?

Talk slow, talk with passion and show understanding, and you will brimming with confidence in your everyday walk of life. Just slow down and enjoy life, there is no reason to race though it!

A million times I slept. A million times I wept. A million times I lied. This time I could of died.

A million times I slept. A million times I wept.
A million times I lied. This time I could of died.

Hello, my name is Zachariah Atteberry. I have suffered chronic depression ever since I was 7. In earlier years I was dictated by a bipolar tyrant of 50 years old and my life turned into a crusading hell, he seldom every let me outside and punished me for unorthodox reasons. He often beat me and my mom due to anger problems and because he was $5000 in debt. Life was horrible back then. In fact, I was contemplating suicide and planned on killing myself, however I came to a personal consensus that It was a very atrocious idea. The most integral element of life implies that we must realize is that depression is a state of mind not a segment of reality. Once we realize this and identify that depression is part of our lives, we succeed in life..

Up to 15 years old I was treated like a rodent. After 15 my foster dad died. Then, my mom and I moved to a new house and we finally claimed our freedom. However, my depression still carried on from the old house. After my computer broke and all my video games were stolen, I started to cry and quoted “I will kill myself”, and so I almost did, until she got me a new computer. The computer never did help accommodate my confidence and once amorous feeling for life that diminished. After all that was through, I cried and wept for: What isn’t, what will not be, what can’t be and what I can’t be in life. Instead I should have rejoiced: I will try to be the best I can be, regardless, I have the potential! One thing you should never do, of course is: drugs, meth, cocaine, crack, or cigarettes; avoid at all cost! I have seen countless people throughout my life get high of drugs and end up in a prison, they used drugs to alleviate the depression, however, caused very many adverse reactions and they ended up even worse!

Spanning all the way back from 5th grade all the way to 10th grade I made all F’s and flunked horribly as a result of prevalent depression and morbid anxiety. Shortly after, I dropped out of 10th grade. My reason for dropping was that I was constantly threatened for my life and made fun of because I was aspergic. During the course of the year that I dropped out… I only mourned. Afterwards, I had a revelation, a epiphany if you will, and returned to school at the beginning of 11th grade. Now, that I am back I have already made up all the credits I lost and I am back in the game of life! I was originally in three remedial classes but within 1 week I was out of them and into normal classes with all A’s! All you need is a big uproar of gazelle intensity and pounce on the opportunity to raise your grades, never ever give up, put your mind to the task and you shall succeed. An honorable mention of a book would be Pursuit of Happyness, which tells of a boy with a dream and a hard start but makes his dream big!

Present day, I am happy and living with my mom. I never met my dad. But now, I am barking up the tree of a prestigious animal career and refining my academic skills that were damaged from middle school, and it’s going well! Heck, I couldn’t even complete a sentence in the beginning of the year… I have came a far way, and you can too! All life requires is effort. Life gives in what you put into it. If you do something worthy in life you will succeed, however, if you don’t do anything you will not! Most scientists predict that depression is caused by unfair parents, bad grades and foremost, friendship endings and broken relationships with girlfriends. Do what feels best for you, if you are unstable and depressed in the position you are in; change it! Some of the symptoms of depression are: crying, mourning, callous attitude and foremost, sick and loathing attitude. We don’t want you to have a panic or a myocardial infarction because of stress! The worst part is that parents usually find out too late! Always observe your kid and ask if he’s OK, or how his day was.

The fate of most depressed people, either it is over a pre-mature pregnancy, bad grades, horrid life, or a wrecked dream… never give up. The fate of most people today is committing suicide as a stress alleviator or committing some crime that they will regret forever (e.g., suicide, stealing, robbing, murder) just to name a few. Suicide should be omitted out of our minds and we should cleanse ourselves with calming thoughts. We live once; we must endeavor, and move on. If I would of made the decisions… where would I be today? Even through your past is morose… we can help others that suffer the same so they don’t make that fatal decision in life. No, it will not change the world, but it will certainly change the world in the eye of that child. One person can make a difference… as little or as measly as it may seem. I, after my horrible past, decided to help animals and humans with acts of altruism (writing and volunteering at shelters), it is very enticing and appeals to me. My goal is to be a vet… and even if I don’t accomplish that will I be sad? No, I will simply go for another animal career or biologist; however, I plan not to give up that dream too quickly. It is the “game of life” to chase our dream. Briefly put, teenagers worst nightmare is [NOT] reaching their future goal, or fear of failure and we should never give up on that, and encourage kids to dream for the stars.

If you ever contemplate suicide please call the suicide hotline for help (1-800-273-8255), personally there is no jurisdiction in the world that can justify suicide, it is just plain ludicrous. I also strongly recommend a psychiatrist for advanced and better help! Pets have been proven to calm nerves too; a family pet is always good for the family. Recreation and fun activities can also cleanse your mind of troubles. Always try new things, and explore new horizons, be the eagle and fly to boundless skies. For example, I help animal altruism and human altruism and try to help the humanity for the better; you can find fun hobbies too! Depression also leads to animal abuse, often linked to human abuse too. The most important thing we can do is keep negative sources and people away from our children. Together we can help cure depression!

Humane Society Christmas Party

Today started out fine. I was still tired from the night before and the fatigue was evident in every foot step. I stayed up half of the night playing a video game with one of my good friends that I haven’t had stay in a while.  We had played really long time and I ended up falling asleep at about 2 in the morning. I did manage to set my alarm clock before crashing into dreamworld.

I was awakened by the noise of the alarm blaring. I got up and fulfilled my daily tasks before work such as getting dressed, feeding and watering the cats, and eating breakfast. At about half past seven, a taxi horn went of to alert me that I had to hurry outside and get in the taxi. I arrived at work at about 7:55 A.M., five minutes before work was scheduled to start.

Today was Sunday. Today’s responsbilites included the quick cleaning of 40 cat cages and the cat room, emptying the trash cans, sweeping the cat room floors and making sure all the supplies were put up. Along with my daily routine I also trimmed the claws of three kittens that decided it would be a comical game to bat me every time I walked around the corner. When I finished with all the cat cages and had everything tucked away, my co worker brought me home. I stopped by Hardees to pick up a few burgers since I was quite hungry. I arrived home at about half past 12 P.M.

At work I was told that we were having a Christmas party at the bowling alley at six in the afternoon. Until that time I just watched  some television, got properly dressed and played some video games with my friend that was still at my house until about five in the afternoon. At five I was brought to the bowling alley by my uncle. For about thirty minutes I watched all the people play competitive games of bowling. Some people obviously secured the upper edge with the on going strikes.

About one hour later everyone had arrived and were beginning to set up the the tables. All the food was being prepared while everyone sat down and met everyone. I was rather uneasy being around quite a lot of people and struggled to talk to anyone. I watched the clock slowly tick from one digit to another, hoping that the time would move by quicker.

More time slid by and my boss moved over the seat right of mine. He must have seen me frighting and having a tough time. He really helped include me in the conversation and so did the other co worker. We talked about some of the cats that are almost ready for adoption and what we are currently doing to help socialize the feral cats so that they can be eligible for adoption. We talked about the rest of the week and possible upcoming events such as fundraisers.

Several minutes later I had just got done scrolling though my new book and decided to lay it down on the table upside down. I do not like people seeing my books. My boss was intrigued by the design and had a look. He said the book was very interesting as he was looking at it the other day at work.What I had not noticed after this was that he left the book on the table face up. I was scared people would judge. No one did and I actually had some good conversation over the book. My fear was the under expectancy of success and the idea that I do not have the right to like a certain kind of book.

I learned quite a bit today, met some new people and ended up leaving at about nine. Can’t wait till next year’s event. Self discovery is important.