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Sleepless December Nights

I titled this post “Sleepless December Nights” to signify the harm of sleep loss – especially when the weather inhibits any outside exercise. If you have trouble sleeping at night, then it is a sign that you are not getting enough exercise, are depressed, or that you are not on a proper diet. I am going to assume that you are associated with the inebriated feeling of being deprived of sleep. It is not a good feeling. You feel that you are jumping over hurdles just to get up in the morning.

Sleeping well not only requires healthy exercise throughout the day, but also high self-control and a good grasp on proper nutrition. While exercise is highly acclaimed to help you sleep, it is only to help you get to sleep faster and more successfully. The most important weapon to have in your arsenal is self-control and the power to want to get to sleep.

Sleep tends to seep upon us fast when we are calm and not anxious about the day ahead of us. Remember when you were twelve years old and it was the day before your thirteenth birthday? You most likely found it hard to find sleep. You were anxious, and excited about the day ahead of you.

The Problem with Insomnia

Although there are people that have a huge problem with sleeping, a lot of sleeping problems derive from our daily routine. I am going to admit that I am quite puzzled by the medical condition, Insomnia. The problem with having a fancy medical name for the inability to sleep is that a lot of people have the tendency to use this fancy medical term as an excuse for not trying to sleep. They feel that they are restrained to forever be unable to sleep.

There are a lot of people that find it hard to sleep at night before an exciting day, and that includes me. Actually, I had a hard time sleeping during my school years due to stress and anxiety. I would stay up one or two nights without sleeping and some nights, I would get one or two hours before going to school. It left me feeling tired, and it caused my test scores and homework grades to plummet.

Another reason that some people might not get to sleep is because they choose not to go to sleep. They don’t go to sleep, and are often the people who stay up night after night without going to sleep so they can tell their friends about it. These are the people that want to accomplish something, and the one thing they chose to show off was their ability to negate sleep.

Setting the Environment for Sleep

It is easy to sleep if you know the right tactics to help you get to sleep. If the environment isn’t correct, then you might not ever find sleep. For example, if the television is too loud, or if the music your parents are playing is too loud, you most likely won’t get to sleep that night if you don’t speak up.

Some easy methods to work for me to get to sleep are some calm music, with the television placed on my favorite show at a low volume. I use the sounds to help imagine some kind of fantasy world and create storylines inside my head. The purpose of this is to swap your negative thoughts and anxiety with fun. It is hard to do at first, so don’t expect immediate results.

If you find it hard to sleep, ask your doctor about a possible illness. There are certain illnesses that can hide from you just as ear infections. If you are still finding it impossibly difficult to get a good night’s rest, or if you wake up tired, ask your doctor to prescribe you a sleeping medicine to help. Sleeping pills help relax the body and assists in sleeping.

Other methods I can suggest that I have tried is to be more actively stimulated during the day time. I for example, like to play basketball and football with friends. I usually like to play basketball for about three hours which I find is the acceptable amount of time to play to become tuckered out. Proper nutrition that I have tried is basically corn, beans, and carrots. It is important enough to add that you should avoid soda when it is near time to go to sleep, so I would switch to water.

Now I am not saying that some people don’t have Insomnia and can’t get to sleep as easy as other people. Some people really do have this disorder, but in my personal experience I find that about 70% of individuals just have a incongruity in their life style that makes it harder to sleep. Consider this a small “how to” on getting to sleep faster along with small baby steps you can take to reach that goal.