Learning the Ropes of Animal Care

This month I have had the privlege of giving every cat that is adopted at
my animal shelter their booster shots. It is something that I have been
looking forward for quite some time. The first few shots I ever
administered to a cat were below average. I got one shot in, and the
other one I missed. I think I somewhat made the cat nervous as the cat
was meowing at me.The boss had to hold the cat because I was shaky
with a needle. No one wants to be stabbed by a needle – trust me! The
first challenge I had was several weeks back, when I had to give a cat
corid for Toxicity. I stabbed myself pretty bad before I succeeded in
drawing out the medication.

Jump ahead one week later, and I was given another chance to give a
shot. We had adopted a cat and my boss told me to get the shots for the
cat and give the cat his shots. I was shocked that I was trusted with such
a role. I sucked up the FVRCP into the syringe as I have done several
times, placed the cap on the syringe and placed it on the table. I then
grabbed the cat and placed him on the table. I pulled up on the skin near
the shoulders and administered the shot very quick, without pain and
distress from the cat. I was shocked that I got the shot in on the first
stick!The cat was even squirming and I got it in! I then gave the cat the
bordatella shot with ease.

Here I was a few weeks ago, procastinating that I would never learn how
to give shots. Now I am giving shots left and right, and with perfection. Do
not think that because something seems hard, that it is impossible to
learn. This is how my learning to trim cat claws, trim cat hair and reduce
mats went. I was terribly overwhelmed, but that did not stop me from
trying once, twice and three times. Learning to do anything takes
practice, and in my case, practice did make perfect. I think the same will
go for you where you work. Good luck on your endeavors as well!


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