Is Throwing a Ball as Simple as you Think?

This will assume that you are not doing a hand stand.

If you aim and toss a ball upwards, it will go up. If you toss the ball downwards, the ball will go down. If you throw a ball straight, it will go straight. Now at some point in time you might think “will this really happen like this again”? That is your low self-confidence speaking. I use this example to show people that even in the most common situations in which we have a general prowess of information available to us, we tend to doubt ourselves. Some people doubt themselves too much, to the self of not saying anything in situations that call for their specific intellect. Not only does this prevent self-discovery and learning, but it also restricts future growth and opportunity.

I am scared of being wrong, but I do not let the fear of being wrong and learning a lesson stop me from voicing an opinion. I learned this lesson hard and painful. Countless times I have let my opinions go unheard, leaving my thoughts and ideas to bundle up inside of me. Leaving ideas go unheard is very unhealthy. In the span of the past five months I have simply gave up on giving ideas on how to improve work flow here at the humane society.

One day at the humane society I work at, I let the community service get the best of me. I enforce sanitization polices very strictly. I am sure that the community service worker was not sanitizing the cages and I was convincing myself that he was, even though I did not see him with a spray bottle. This was my second day as a supervisor of the cat room and I was scared to examine, and to tell the truth. I set a test which involved hiding the bottle and when I finally concluded the bottle was not being moved, I spoke up.

Another form of low confidence is to distrust what you have learned from valuable sources such as books and online resources. One day I was talking to a person about how upper respiratory infection was spread though fomites – inanimate objects. A worker cut in and tried to explain that upper respiratory infections can only be spread by the air. I did not tell him he was wrong and had to look up this information to make sure even though I have read tons on this subject. I was right and I did not speak up when it was important to. Do not let another individual’s opinion shut yours down. Speak up with confidence.

Another form of low confidence can include thinking your ideas are stupid. I have come up with five really great ideas that enforce sanitization 100% and thereby increased work productivity. I started to place small ping pong balls on the hand sanitizer bottles and placing small pieces of thread in the cat cages. If these items were not removed, I knew that the cages were not being sanitized and the bottles were not being used. I was scared to say this to the boss but knew something had to be done. I spoke up and I had some resistance by one worker, but my idea went through and the boss said “great job!”

I have found one great way to not agree with someone’s opinion and place in your own to get a conversation started. It goes like this According to what I have learned; this cat’s traits and characteristics are consistent with…” What this does is tell them up straight what the facts are, and what you have examined in your past that justifies your thinking. If you started with “I think this might be the case but I am not sure” you sound like you do not know anything. What I needed to do was speak up at the first red flag that indicated something was wrong. I also needed to speak up when being right was important. Being confident does mean trusting your instincts and gut feeling.

You do not need a road map, or blueprints, to make a statement on even the widest of issues that can have many opinions. Remember to be honest, and to voice your opinions when you feel they are important but withdraw or tune them down a bit when the situation demands it. Being confident is never easy and being right is like being alone. But being confident and being right is never wrong.


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