Just Slow Down

Today I learned one valuable lesson that aids in my learning to talk to people. When I would talk to people they would often ask me what I was talking about, I would stutter and speak too fast, and I would end up making an excuse to leave. This all was a direct cause of me talking too fast. When you speak too quick you will stutter and end up making less of a point then you set out to make in the first place. If you learn to talk slow, even if you start out very slow, you will end up leaving more of an impression.

Take into account my situation at the humane society this week. I have been trying to educate people about spay/neuter, upper respiratory infections, and cat behavior. For a while it seemed like that my educating was doing no good because they would often forget what I said or remember what I said but in a bad way. This week I decided to think a minute before replying or saying something and question if it has meaning and if it would make sense. I didn’t go into advanced thinking or planning of the conversation, I just mapped out the first few words and the rest followed though.

I was successful in educating about feline declawing, upper respiratory infections such as herpes virus, and spay/neuter operations and how they make an impact in saving animal lives. All I did was slow down and really think about three things

  1. What does this conversation need to do and who does it need to benefit?
  2. Do I need to include jargon or does the person just need to know the basics?
  3. Where do I need to begin?

Talk slow, talk with passion and show understanding, and you will brimming with confidence in your everyday walk of life. Just slow down and enjoy life, there is no reason to race though it!


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