Some Thoughts on Depression and Suicide

Depression is usually characterized by “acting weird”, but in all truth is behavior that people are not trained to recognize. People that seem happy can suffer from depression too; it is a virus that is as sneaky and sly as a worm in the ground. If you ever feel depression or know anyone who is… see a doctor and get it resolved before it is too late, depression not caught in the early stages can manifest and turn into a possibly fatal situation.

Life can be content and easy flowing. Life can also be swamped with uneasiness and daunting tasks that overwhelm us or life can be collapsing directly before our eyes and suddenly the elasticity wears out in our mind that constantly denied the fact that our life was not going the way it should – as a result, we usually become undone and realize that our life needs to undergo a complete overhaul, regardless of our life – we all want life to be better and our dreams to flourish. We must not be so pessimistic about life. Life will give us our fair share of joy soon enough, granted that we give our strong strides. Ever since the day you were conceived and were released from your mom’s womb you embarked on a journey to be all you could be and to change the world in same way, form or shape. If your life is really going so sour, ask your self:

+What is wrong?
+What is the torrent of negative energy?
+What can I do to enhance my life if I could?
+What is the way out of depression?

First things first. If you do not have a job, apply for one or commence a job hunt. if you can’t or don’t drive, study for your drivers permit and progress onto a drivers license. Life is one part a time, and as you complete tasks in order the enigma of your life will gradually become crystal clear and the puzzle will slowly piece together to where you are going in life and why you exist. We all have potential locked within, we just have to learn to hone our skills and make ourselves everything we “can” be, instead of fretting about what we are not. The world is a playground; many opportunities are still open to play with.

Suicide is usually a side effect of depression and a horrible solution to a problem that could create a domino theory effect, if one falls to suicide another will end up falling to this solution tantamount to a pit trap. Contrary to own popular belief that your friends and family would not care that you are gone is enigmatic to me, recently researches have discovered that more and more teens are killing themselves as a pain alleviator when a friend decides to contemplate suicide – which only amplifies the initial problem higher than before. Realize that we are blessed with the life we have. We are graced to even eat, drink and live. Give life fore very breath that it is worth and no less. Work towards your goals and reach your life’s dream no matter the distance. Go about life like you would eat an elephant, one part at time.

If depression and suicide impedes your daily thoughts or perhaps interrupts your festive mood, consider joining a social or public group to pickup more friends or to simply chat. Groups can consist of your hobbies, talents or simply enough, your interest.

One final comment, this may sound morbid – but at least you aren’t indigent or deceased. Dead people can’t make their contributions to society or even experience fun on the living earth anymore, however you are still alive. Some people in life don’t even get to have the simple pleasure of owning a car, going to school or even eating – some even face abuse daily.


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