Humane Society Christmas Party

Today started out fine. I was still tired from the night before and the fatigue was evident in every foot step. I stayed up half of the night playing a video game with one of my good friends that I haven’t had stay in a while.  We had played really long time and I ended up falling asleep at about 2 in the morning. I did manage to set my alarm clock before crashing into dreamworld.

I was awakened by the noise of the alarm blaring. I got up and fulfilled my daily tasks before work such as getting dressed, feeding and watering the cats, and eating breakfast. At about half past seven, a taxi horn went of to alert me that I had to hurry outside and get in the taxi. I arrived at work at about 7:55 A.M., five minutes before work was scheduled to start.

Today was Sunday. Today’s responsbilites included the quick cleaning of 40 cat cages and the cat room, emptying the trash cans, sweeping the cat room floors and making sure all the supplies were put up. Along with my daily routine I also trimmed the claws of three kittens that decided it would be a comical game to bat me every time I walked around the corner. When I finished with all the cat cages and had everything tucked away, my co worker brought me home. I stopped by Hardees to pick up a few burgers since I was quite hungry. I arrived home at about half past 12 P.M.

At work I was told that we were having a Christmas party at the bowling alley at six in the afternoon. Until that time I just watched  some television, got properly dressed and played some video games with my friend that was still at my house until about five in the afternoon. At five I was brought to the bowling alley by my uncle. For about thirty minutes I watched all the people play competitive games of bowling. Some people obviously secured the upper edge with the on going strikes.

About one hour later everyone had arrived and were beginning to set up the the tables. All the food was being prepared while everyone sat down and met everyone. I was rather uneasy being around quite a lot of people and struggled to talk to anyone. I watched the clock slowly tick from one digit to another, hoping that the time would move by quicker.

More time slid by and my boss moved over the seat right of mine. He must have seen me frighting and having a tough time. He really helped include me in the conversation and so did the other co worker. We talked about some of the cats that are almost ready for adoption and what we are currently doing to help socialize the feral cats so that they can be eligible for adoption. We talked about the rest of the week and possible upcoming events such as fundraisers.

Several minutes later I had just got done scrolling though my new book and decided to lay it down on the table upside down. I do not like people seeing my books. My boss was intrigued by the design and had a look. He said the book was very interesting as he was looking at it the other day at work.What I had not noticed after this was that he left the book on the table face up. I was scared people would judge. No one did and I actually had some good conversation over the book. My fear was the under expectancy of success and the idea that I do not have the right to like a certain kind of book.

I learned quite a bit today, met some new people and ended up leaving at about nine. Can’t wait till next year’s event. Self discovery is important.


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