Six Secret Tips to Building Confidence

A lot of intelligent people across the world have ideas on how to be more confident. And as I read though some of the recent comments on my posts, I can see that I have been of some help. The problem is that a lot of confidence advice is very straight forward while a lot of the more perplex ways to build confidence is not really looked out. Why you ask? Because a lot of us do confidence building subconsciously without knowing it.

I want to share some of the methods and tactics I used to build up on my confidence throughout school and work.

Don’t invade a castle with only a sword. While it is possible to invade castle with only a sword and possibly effective, you would feel more confident with a shield until you had enough experience without one. The same applies to real life. The last few years people would comment that I wear long sleeves and hoodies too often, even in the summer time. This is because I was picked on when I was younger and the hoodie supplied a lot of mental protection. It is a good idea to wear a hoodie or a jacket and long sleeved shirts while building up the first particles of confidence. You will want to move on to short sleeves and a hoodie. Eventually you will want to eliminate the hoodie.

Share your interests strategically. If you are really as scared as I am about meeting new people, exploring interests and communicating your likes, there is hope. If you are an avid reader, writer or movie watcher, then allow people to see what you are engrossed in. I have the tendency to place a book that I am finished reading face down so that I do not have to show people and talk about it. Recently I have found pleasure in leaving the title face up so that I can get a conversation starter. If you try to show your interests in other ways such as watching movies and even wearing shirts of a favorite band, you might just find that conversations come just that much easier and without saying a word.

Use an ipod around people that you know. Listen to an ipod on low volume setting with only one ear bud in. I use to be very cautious with people looking over my conversations and bashing my music taste. This method helped by reinforcing the idea that it is okay to listen to what you prefer around people even if they don’t like your taste of music. I switched to a louder music setting and moved to a portable radio after. People do say bad things about my music and I have learned to accept criticism by not making a retort back. What you want to do is make a neutral comment back that acknowledges his opinion and engages his thoughts about tasteful music. This not only helps you build on sharing your music tastes more but also allows you to be more outgoing and social.

Games help build confidence. Even if you are not the best a video game, the fun in competing with other online players will inspire you to do better the next time. I like to play video games that I really like and that I know I will be good at such as shooter games and puzzle games. The only thing that I recommend is to end the video game on a good note. You don’t want to end a video game with you getting no points and everyone else getting a ton. We all have our bad games, but save them for when you compensate if at all possible. To enhance your video game experience with online players you can buy a microphone and chat online.

Have a chat on the internet. If you have problems on what to say during a conversation then you might want to consider video games and chat rooms. I find that it is a lot easier due to low expectations to chat in chat rooms and video games. If you start with “Hi” you will find that you get “Hi” back. If you have a proper conversation, you should not be bitten. If you do get bitten when you are sure you have been polite then you have ran into a cyber-bully and it would be a good idea to disengage the conversation and search for another.

Sorry, thank you and your welcome. A lot of people have problems with accepting praise, giving praise, and being wrong. This one involves a lot of real experience. Start by saying “thank you” online and move to saying it for short and nice things people do. Then move to saying the words for bigger things. Saying “your welcome” is not as hard but requires the same method. “Sorry” is a straight shooter and only practice makes perfect.

I really help you enjoyed my tips and apply them to your life. Thank you for reading and be sure to check out my other articles!


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