How You Can Avoid Having Twenty-Six Cavities

This is not about the medical part of brushing teeth, but rather, the physical and mental damage of not brushing teeth. This article also identifies what causes a  lack of brushing and examines the behavioral reasons for not wanting to brush teeth.

Brushing teeth is hopefully a big part of your life. It is important to brush your teeth at least once a day although it is recommended to brush three times a day to clean all the food out from every meal. Unfortunately in my experience I find that many people neglect this important part in their lives and they end up with cavities and horrible smiles.

First of all, if children aren’t pushed to brush their teeth from when they are little, it is even harder for them when they are older. Start early. One common reason I have found that some people do not brush teeth is depression. Many do not think depression would stop this type of activity. It can. When we are depressed, we tend to negate certain things in our lives even though they do not bode well for the future.

Every individual experiences depression differently. Some individuals may stop eating, others may stop socializing. Many other individuals may stop taking care of themselves and cut out certain parts of daily care. For me, depression affected the cleaning area of my life and heavily impacted my will to want to remain physically and mentally healthy. The largest part of my health that was impacted was brushing. I stopped brushing teeth and I found out the hard way that not brushing is dangerous!

Brushing Is Important

When I was seventeen, I thought that my resistance to brushing and my urge to drink a lot of soda was harmless. I used soda as my own anti-depressant without thinking of the side effects. When I finally took up the courage to face reality and talk to the dentist, I found out that I had 26 cavities throughout my mouth. Several were infected and required major capping. They were so bad and took so long that the numbing wore off half way though and the pain was agonizing.

If you take the time to brush right the first time and every time after, your teeth will not become a problem. If you insist that bad teeth are due to a medical problem or genetics, I want you to think that though. The majority of people with bad teeth use genetics or medical problems as a common excuse not to care and not to assume responsibility for our own actions. I had to face the same truth. I had to admit that I did not take care of my teeth as well as I should have. It was then that change was introduced.

Brushing is crucially important. Regular brushing prevents teeth infections and eliminates some of the chance of having root canals and dentures later in life. The first step is easy. Be honest with your self about your brushing habits. Do you think you brush regularly and accurately? Having white teeth is one part of our self confidence that is not only vital  to our confidence but equally important as our clothes and our communication skills.

Start Now Rather Than Tomorrow

Like any self care habit, it is very easy to say that you will put the task off until tomorrow. Brushing is actually one of the worse habits to do this with since anyone hardly mentions teeth in daily conversation. So tomorrow turned into next month and my teeth soon became infected. It wasn’t until one of my teeth developed a hole in in the center did I realize that I was ruining my physical health.

You may also wonder if you are brushing and flossing the correct way. If you don’t brush and floss correctly, then you may not be getting all the plague build up. It is advised to ask a dentist to show you the correct way to brush and floss along with watching several demonstration videos to help tune your technique.

You can start now if you w ant to. Grab the toothpaste, a glass of water, and the all important tooth brush.Then you start brushing. It is that easy. You may wish to brush your cat’s teeth as well! Make sure to bring some dental floss and mouth wash as well for optimum cleaning. If you are a soda holic like me, limit soda to two per day then eventually to one per day. I am not to pretend to be a doctor and ask you to limit your soda to zero per day. Soda is healthy if consumed at a healthy rate.

I am not going to make you change or push you to change.  Do you want healthy teeth and a happy smile? Better yet, do you want to be physically healthy and confident? That is up for you to decide.


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